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The Essential Phone List

Current time in Pondicherry:

The Essential Phone List -- Calling from outside Pondicherry

Calling from outside Pondicherry

India's country code: 91. Pondicherry's STD (area) code: 413.
(Pondicherry's STD code also includes Auroville.)

Calling landline numbers

All seven-digit numbers in Pondicherry are landline phone numbers.
  • From a landline outside Pondicherry but within India: (0413) + Pondicherry number.
  • From any mobile phone in India (including from Pondicherry): (0413) + Pondicherry number.
  • From outside India: (Your international-access code) + 91413 + Pondy number.
    From almost all over the world that will be: 00 + 91413 + Pondicherry number.
From North America: 011 + 91413 + Pondicherry number.

Calling mobile numbers

All ten-digit numbers starting with the digits 7, 8 or 9 are mobile (cellular) phone numbers. No area code is required when dialling these numbers. To dial a mobile phone registered in Pondicherry or Tamil Nadu:
  • From within Tamil Nadu: xxxxx-xxxxx. (Just dial the number, no prefix necessary)
  • From rest of India: 0-xxxxx-xxxxx.
  • From outside India: (Your international-access code) + 91 + xxxxx-xxxxx.
    From almost all over the world that will be: 00 + 91 + xxxxx-xxxxx.
From North America: 011 + 91 + xxxxx-xxxxx.

India's time zone

India is 5-1/2 hours ahead of UTC or GMT and does not have summer time. See the current time in Pondicherry at the top of this page.

If calling from outside India, take into account the time difference between your location and India. You may not want to wake someone up in the middle of the night!

This page last updated: November 21, 2011.