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The Essential Phone List

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The Essential Phone List -- Closed User Groups

Closed User Group (CUG)

Our community has a Closed User Groups (CUG) facility provided by BSNL.

A CUG is grouping of ordinary telephones where any telephone in a CUG can be used to call any other telephone in the same CUG without charge, leading to considerable savings in telephony costs.

All numbers in this group belong to this format: 2233xxx (such as 2233615).

The three-digit number formed by the xxx (called the extension number) is used to dial one CUG number from another CUG number. So taking the example, above, we would get 615 as the CUG extension of the 2233615 number.

These numbers are listed in The Essential Phone List with the xxx digits in bold, e.g., 223 3615.

Calling a CUG number from outside the CUG

Don't let the bold and the italics confuse you. If you do not belong to the CUG and you want to call someone who does, dial his or her 7-digit number normally, as you would any other telephone in Pondicherry.

What happened to the the 3011xxx CUG?

The 3011xxx CUG is no longer available for use.


This page last updated: November 21, 2011.