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The Essential Phone List

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The Essential Phone List -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Essential Phone List FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why aren't personal and residential numbers included in the download version of the EPL?

For privacy reasons. We don't think we have the mandate to put people's personal and residential numbers up on the Internet without permission. We attempted getting permission from individuals to do so but so few responded that we have decided not to include personal/residential numbers on the site for the time being.

Why don't you have a searchable directory of numbers in the EPL?

Because there may be privacy issues involved, see above. There is a searchable database for all BSNL landline and limited-mobility numbers in India here. Please specify Pondicherry as city if you are searching for a number in Auroville.

Why are parts of some numbers in the EPL in bold?
  You mean like 2233600? These are numbers that belong to the closed-user group (CUG) system in the community. Users belonging to this group can dial any other user in their group for free by just dialing the last three digits. (Others just dial the full 7 digits as for any other number.) More details here.
I would like my number included in the list. How do I go about it?
  If you are a member of the community and are based in Pondicherry, we will be happy to include your residential/personal number in the next edition of the EPL. Just contact us. As for phone numbers of organizations, we will consider including them based on relevance and space considerations. We reserve the right to include/exclude numbers as we see fit.
Why don't you have fax numbers in the EPL?
  Mainly for the lack of space. Moreover, it is easy enough to get someone's fax number by calling him or her up.
Why don't you have e-mail addresses in the EPL?
  Because it is the Essential PHONE List! More importantly, it is bad Internet etiquette to reveal e-mail addresses to all and sundry without permission. It is easy enough to get someone's e-mail address by phoning him or her up.
The EPL has made my life so much easier over the last so many years. Is there any way I can show my appreciation?

Yes, you can, by financially supporting the EPL. Click here.


This page last updated: November 22, 2011.