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The Essential Phone List

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The Essential Phone List -- Print version of the EPL

Print version of The Essential Phone List

The latest print version of The Essential Phone List is the 2011-2012 edition, updated to 8 November 2011. It is now available for distribution between 9 and 11.30 in the morning on working days.

About this version

This version replaces the the July 2008 edition.

We also have an EasyRead format in A4 size for those who find it difficult to read the standard A5 format. Since the EasyRead format of the EPL is photocopied (and not printed at a printing press), we are unable to distribute it free. We recover photocopying costs from those wanting copies of this formats.

Also available is the smaller Pocket format. The print in this format is very tiny. Please take only if you will find it useful.

Both the Easyread and Pocket formats are identical in information, layout and number of pages to the standard version; they are just optically enlarged and reduced respectively.

Corrections, additions, deletions

Written requests for corrections and additions should be given, sent, or e-mailed to us. Please do not phone.


This page last updated: January 16, 2012.