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The Essential Phone List

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The Essential Phone List -- Telecom Providers in Pondicherry

Telecom Providers in Pondicherry

There are numerous telecom providers in Pondicherry offering various types of telephony services.

Landline phones (wired):
  Two companies, BSNL and Airtel, provide traditional wired landline services in Pondicherry. BSNL is the government-owned company and it covers the whole geographical area of Pondicherry. Airtel has far smaller geographical reach; there are large areas of Pondicherry where Airtel has no landline service. BSNL numbers have the format 2xxxxxx. Airtel's have 4xxxxxx.
DSL Internet:
  Both BSNL and Airtel offer DSL Internet services (up to 8 Mb/s) over their wired landline phone connections.
Landline phones (wireless):

A wireless landline phone (also known as Fixed Wireless Phone or WLL-F) is a desktop phone that does not require a wire to connect it to the telephone exchange. Because of this, it can be installed anywhere in the telecom provider's service area. BSNL's numbers have the format 29xxxxx, Reliance's have 3xxxxxx and Tata's have 65xxxxx. All three providers use CDMA technology.

Mobile phone + Internet:

All mobile phones in India have 10-digit numbers, starting with the digits 7, 8 or 9. BSNL, Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, Tata, Reliance and a few small operators offer mobile phone services. All of them use GSM technology. Reliance and Tata offer, in addition, services using CDMA. All operators offer pan-India services, a connection from any of them will work all over India, many will work abroad too (though international roaming fees are high).

All operators offer wireless Internet access using different technologies (3G, EVDO, etc.) for use with smartphones. All offer USB cellular modems for use with computers and laptops.

Other Internet services:
  Satyam and Tata offer wired Internet connections that do not require phone connections. Service areas are limited. Some companies offer dial-up Internet. At least one (small) company offers citywide fixed-location Internet service using WiFi.

This page last updated: November 25, 2011.